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Connected again

The house settlement went through without a problem, and the move was fast and easy thanks to our families (who are useful people with access to large vehicles). And, in stark contrast to our last move to the UK, we have our phone and internet up and running already. So I hope to be able to re-join the online world again soon! After we put together ikea wardrobes and bookcases so we can finish unpacking...

But in the meantime, all I can think to say is holy crap, enough disasters already. The whole state being flooded or being covered by a cyclone was bad enough, but these earthquakes are horrific.
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Alive and well

Just popping by to let concerned people know that I'm OK here in Brisbane*. Flood waters will not be reaching my family's homes, and there is lots of time for other Brisbane residents to prepare for the worst of the floods - unlike the poor people caught in flash floods in Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley yesterday.

Earlier today I told someone that the sound of tropical rain on a tin roof was one of the things I missed most while I was in the UK - I change my mind now! The rain can stop!

*And after seeing the BBC coverage, I can see why I'm getting so many emails from UK folk, the headline implies we're all evacuating and the scary video is from Toowoomba yesterday.

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I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed with settling into the timezone (sun still coming up too early), catching up with loved ones (great but tiring), trying to buy a car (soooo stressful), figuring out where my money is and should be (please exchange rate just shift by a few pence?), replacing all the toiletries I merrily abandoned as my bag grew in weight (why is Aussie brand frizz stuff not Australian or sold in Australia?), and starting a new job (nice people, work should be good but still a bit weirdly slow after my last settled-in, busy job. I like being needed!). Plus I feel disconnected from my usual routines which include talking to all of you. So I thought I'd say hi, and I hope to return one day soon. And I'm just ignoring that whole Christmas thing and hoping our presence is enough to please our family and friends in lieu of cards and presents :)


Sorry for the silence! Packing up the house/getting rid of possessions was quite difficult by the end. But we got out with around 15 minutes to spare! Although I admit there was some last minute ditching of clothes to make space in our bags (charity shops in our small town did well).

We're now in Kuala Lumpur for a few days. It is lovely and warm. I am feeling jetlagged but also so pleased to not be sitting on the floor of our furniture-less yet messy house, which is what I was doing a few days ago.

I'm going to miss the UK a lot. But I'm also excited about going home too. I will try to post more while I'm here in transit!
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I have only been on the internet intermittently in the last couple of weeks, and somehow missed the news of Eva Ibbotson dying. I will miss having new Ibbotson books to read.

In other news though, I was recently surprised to learn that Mary Stewart, writer of the romance/adventure/mystery novels I have been gobbling up while living in the UK is still alive at the age of 94. Wow! (Stewart's novels are coming home with me to Australia as so many of them are paperbacks from the 60s and 70s with lovely covers)