Emma (emmaco) wrote,

Many historical objects, books and happy news

1 (or really multiple) Today we went to the British Museum to enjoy many of the hundred objects from the history of the world that we have been enjoying as downloads from the BBC. As well as appreciating the objects, we also became engaged to be married when we go back to Australia! (due to time difference have not informed family yet, so no facebook comments please)

2. And I got to hold a hand axe over a million years old from Olduvai Gorge.

3. narrowing down the date we're returning to Aus - likely third week in Nov! So soon! I'm sad to go but also happy to think about being in Australia again.

4. realising how lucky I have been in my work here - most Aussies I know that move oveseas (and there are lots of us!) are happy to get any job that pays for their travelling, but I’ve been able to have a job that I love, with great people.

5. realising how little time we have left for packing, we wisely decided to go to Wales last weekend, via Hay-on-Wye, the town full of second-hand bookshops.

6. Sweet chestnuts collected on my way to work to complement our dinner

I know I've been scarce recently, but work should be quieter soon, and I don't think the house packing should be TOO mad, seeing as we are only packing some stuff, and selling/giving away most stuff. I suspect I might come back here in a month and laugh hollowly, but hey, hope is a good thing.
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