Emma (emmaco) wrote,

Boxes, zombies and lots of last minute travel

1. Train trip to Amsterdam that we had planned before we knew we were moving was relaxing and fun. Lots of walking around and sitting in cafes.
2. A friend’s wedding last weekend at Robin Hood’s Bay – lovely ceremony, wood fire in a cozy lounge, good company and lots of dancing
3. A lot of English trees turn yellow rather than orange or red in autumn. Although this is less spectacular at a glance, I have come to appreciate the golden glow it creates on a sunny afternoon in the woods.
4. Hearing my niece talk to herself and giggle every time I speak to my sister now. She is one happy little baby.
5. The house is littered with boxes that are half filled (or in the case of the bicycle boxes, are moved from one place to another in a fruitless search to find a place they do not block access to something useful like the washing machine or front door). Strnagely I feel fairly organised.
6. Everything booked for the journey home (via Asia) in less than three weeks!
7. We actually remembered the clocks were going back in time to have an extra hour's sleep in the morning. Bliss!
8. Cute little zombie trick or treaters at the door!

More lists up as usual at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast!
Tags: happiness list
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