Emma (emmaco) wrote,

I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed with settling into the timezone (sun still coming up too early), catching up with loved ones (great but tiring), trying to buy a car (soooo stressful), figuring out where my money is and should be (please exchange rate just shift by a few pence?), replacing all the toiletries I merrily abandoned as my bag grew in weight (why is Aussie brand frizz stuff not Australian or sold in Australia?), and starting a new job (nice people, work should be good but still a bit weirdly slow after my last settled-in, busy job. I like being needed!). Plus I feel disconnected from my usual routines which include talking to all of you. So I thought I'd say hi, and I hope to return one day soon. And I'm just ignoring that whole Christmas thing and hoping our presence is enough to please our family and friends in lieu of cards and presents :)
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