Emma (emmaco) wrote,

Still having trouble with making time for recreational internet...

...but here is a short update in the form of happy things that have happened recently. And although the lack of book posts makes it appear that I don't read books any more, the opposite is true. I now have a 45 min train trip each way to work so I am reading lots of great books, assisted by item 2 below.

1. Catching up with friends and family has continued. This has included a fantastic Thai meal, ice cream and lots and lots of talking.

2. My new library has a 20 book limit compared to 10! And much smaller fees for inter-library transfers and overdue books!

3. My librarian at work is incredibly keen and helpful and has already dug up lots of articles for me.

4. I am settling back into life in Brisbane, which has included finding a new GP (my beloved family doctor died unexpectedly a little while ago) and optometrist (my favourite one selfishly retired to spend more time with his small children), and the new people are very promising!

5. It has been raining an awful lot, even for summer. Seeing as we were still in drought when I left in mid-2007 I still delight in how much water there is everywhere.

6. My niece learnt to crawl properly in my first two weeks here. And I got to read to her the other night.

7. I have bought some presents for people that I think they will love. And one of my presents that I picked out is a cute plant in a nice black pot for my desk at work, that will be cheery all year long.
Tags: happiness list
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