Emma (emmaco) wrote,

Rebecca chapters 4-6

I'm finding it hard to get a grip on the novel and the narrator. I'm not sure if it's because of reading it in little chunks or because the feeling in this part was different. There was decidedly less romance in these chapters - Max came across as precoccupied in a moody kind of way compared to mysterious and suave. In the first three chapters the future looked bleak compared to an idyllic past, but that past is looking less happy now after the less than romantic proposal and the persistent sick feeling in the narrator's stomache.

How old is she anyway? I had 19 in my head and she acts very young all the time, such as when she's picturing her happy life in her postcard house, doesn't understand Mrs Van Hopper's insinuations she's been sleeping with Max and goes running to Max to make it all better.

Strange that someone who so admired her parent's loving relationship would settle for a cold proposal and recognise there was no mention of love. Does the dream of the house squish her knowledge this is a bad move?

Off to Bookshelves of Doom to see what others thought.
Tags: books, du maurier
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