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Rebecca chapters 10-12

Rebecca is still hanging around. It was telling that when Mrs Danvers referred to “when Mrs de Winter was alive” and no one corrected her – they all seemed to accept that Rebecca was the real Mrs deW. But we also got some indications that Rebecca may not have been a saint from the “dull” Mr Crawley, who hinted she was vain and unkind and also told about her mysterious night trips on a boat (surely unusual for a married woman in that time?).

Max has continued his downward slide into callousness and insensitivity. Although in a way I felt his role in these chapters was to provide clues the past is full of secrets and to make sure Mrs deW2 is left to mess up her new life on her own.

I again felt sorry for Mrs deW2 – how hard is it trying to make the house your own when every single thing seems to bear your predecessor’s mark? It felt real and poignant when she thought “this is like two people in a play, in a moment the curtain will come down, we shall bow to the audience, and go off to our dressing rooms. This can’t be a real moment in the lives of Maxim and myself”.

But of course I was also irritated with her as well. I could have slapped her when she didn’t confess to breaking the figurine and then asked her husband to intervene with the staff for her! Surely she’s taking this “I’m a poor untrained helpless child” thing a bit too far? I raised my eyebrows when Mrs deW2 said she wasn’t “the normal happy self I knew myself to be” – she seems to have been insecure and neurotic for the whole book so far. At times I find myself wishing she wasn't narrating from the future as that means she's not going to be drowned by Mrs Danvers or anything...

More scary relationship descriptions including Mrs deW2 saying to Max “There has never been anyone but you. You are my father and my brother and my son.” Wow, what a shining example of marriage this is shaping up to be.

As a sucker for a good storyline, what I’m enjoying most is the creepy feeling pervading the book. I’m really looking forward to finding out what happened to Rebecca and what’s up with Mrs Danvers.

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