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Rebecca chapters 13-15

I know the descriptions of plants and birds and so on is annoying some readers but I'm still enjoying it. I think Du Maurier is doing a fantastic job at creating a sense of place. I found myself enjoying the sunny day (and the absence of Maxim) with Mrs deW2.

We get more clues that Rebecca was mean, a snakelike woman from the Idiot at the beach. And we find out that she has a super dodgy cousin, Mr Favell.

When Mrs deW2 refers to a buoy in the bay, is she talking about a buoy that bobs around and guides people? Or a life-ring off the boat? Because if it's the latter why is it left lying around to remind everyone of the tragedy?

Frank is again referred to fondly, I'm starting to wonder if the male companion in the narrator's future is Frank.

Mrs Danvers' is obsessed with Rebecca in a super creepy, yet also pathetic, way. I like that we got to understand more about her motivations in disapproving of Mrs deW2. She seemed less skull-like in the past. Max also sounded quite nice when Rebecca was alive, if Mrs Danvers' account is anything to go by. He paid attention to his wife, her appearance and apparently was more cheery. Strange that we have some signs that Rebecca brought out the best in some people but was disliked by others.

A random and minor inconsistency that annoyed me: Mrs deW2 is suprised when Mr Favell calls Maxim Max, and thinks "no one calls him Max", but back in an earlier chapter we were told Rebecca called him Max (in the inscription in the poetry book). Then she remembers it - very strange that she forgot temporarily. I like how this tied Favell and Rebecca together, though.

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