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Before I write a post describing the woes and joys of my recent quick trip to the Netherlands I'll finish off my Rebecca discussion. The other entries were frankly easier to write as I basically did a running commentary soon after reading a section, whereas I decided to polish off the last lot of chapters before I left on Wednesday. And now I am having trouble remembering what my impressions of that section were.

I liked how the tension continued to racket up through the inquest - it was believable and well done, I think. And the blackmail scene was cool too, although I think I would have been tempted just to kick Favel out the door - a note saying someone wants to see you doesn't necessarily mean they don't want to kill themselves.

I was surprised when the doctor said Rebecca was terminally ill, not pregnant, although in retrospect the pregnancy thing wouldn't have surprised many of the characters so I can see why that wouldn't have worked. But still, very funky twist. I don't know that I buy Rebecca taunting Maxim with a fake pregnancy in the hope she'd be shot. I see that her being a) a bitch or b) driven mad by the cancer and the knowledge she couldn't even have her own life let alone bear another.

The ending: anti-climatic. I think I was expecting something that was going to cause Maxim and Mrs deW2 to have to live overseas, such as being charged with Rebecca's murder and having to flee the country never to return. Why was Mrs deW2 moping around like they were exiles from British life when, really, they could have moved to a different part of the country? I mean, I know Maxim loved the house, and Mrs deW2 had, um 2? happy days there, but is that really worth moping around forever over?

If it wasn't for the narrator at the start acting so confident over her life I don't know that I would think Mrs deW2 had progressed that much. She can talk to servants, sure, but still seems to float along through decisions such going to watch the inquiry. And I still feel like her Maxim-dependedness undermines her power gaining.

And I'm not familiar enough with the genre of gothic romance to pick up if Du Maurier challenged it or not. Any clues welcome :)

I will return if I think of anything else. Especially once I've read everyone else's posts and the introduction to my copy!

Overall, this was great fun. I got to read a book I had been wanting to read for ages, and read other people's comments at the same time. I know I got a lot more out of it than if I had been reading alone. Thanks Leila!
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