There's always time for a book

Unlike many other people who blog about books I do not work in the field. But there is always time for a book in my life! This blog is a place where I talk about some of the books (generally novels) I've been reading. I discuss only a small part of what I read, so if you know I've read something please feel free to prod me to write about it!

In 2007 I moved to England from Brisbane, Australia, which is why I am having so much fun watching the seasons change but complain about the cold.

I welcome new friends but may not add you back as I am starting to reach the point where the internet will be unacceptably competing with reading!

If you are looking for an old review, please use the tags (listed by category and author surname) down the side of the page.

On Sundays I take part in Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast's Seven Kicks, where we list seven happy things that have happened to us in the previous week. This has rapidly become a lazy way for me to keep my friends and family informed of nice things that have been happening in my life.